Looking awfully tusk-y today

For this assignment I was to design my own tshirt. Since I love walruses so much, the choice was simple! I loved the color of the walrus painting I found and decided that if I were to make a shirt I would probably want that on it, with just a silly sentence for fun.

The assignment is here


  1. I went here to be able to design my own tshirt, design lab lets you choose what style of shirt, color, and lets you either use their art, or upload your own.
  2. Choose your design picture/art/words
  3. Place them where you want them
  4. Then I screenshotted it and saved it to my computer


Such a Lovely Place, Such a Lovely Face

For this assignment the directions were to take a picture of a 70’s rock band, take a quote from a different 70’s rock band, state that the quote was from yet another different 70’s rock band, and then create a picture displaying it. For mine I took a picture of Led Zeppelin, a quote from The Eagles, and then stated that the quote was from Pink Floyd. I found this extremely funny, mostly because sometimes I do enjoy listening to 70’s music. It hurts me to think that young people these days might think that it was all about the same band.

The assignment is here


  1. Choose a picture of a band
  2. Choose a quote from a band
  3. Choose another random band
  4. I overlayed the text onto the picture using this program, Picfont.


Just Keep Swimming!

For this assignment I was to make a venn diagram related to something in current pop culture, so I figured why not use characters from the newest follow up to Finding Nemo. I saw Finding Dory a few weeks ago and it was amazing, it made me cry, and it gave me all the feels. After waiting 13 years for Finding Dory I felt that it was an appropriate pop culture choice for my generation.

The assignment link is here


  1. Figuring out what I wanted to base my diagram on was the hardest part, but once I decided on my subject it came easily
  2. Make the venn diagram, I used this program, it makes venn diagrams and let you edit them in a manageable manner
  3. Insert your topics in a way that makes sense