Week Two: Check.

Wow, this week was intense, and I only see it getting harder from here. I spent a good portion of this week trying to just make last weeks additions fit in better, I re-titled things, organized them better, and made sure things were all going smoothly. I feel that this week I made a really good effort at trying to get everything done, but it still seems to all be very overwhelming, even with all the time I normally spend on the computer. At this rate, I think I completed this week a lot better than last week, so that’s an improvement.

Trouble…I had some. The required Are We There Yet? assignment was impossible for me to finish, I tried many different avenues of finishing it, including asking people that do editing for a living for help, and to no avail, but luckily it was the only thing I could not do. I did enjoy, as usual, the daily creates, I find it somewhat exciting to know that everyday there is going to be something completely random for me to do. I also really enjoyed making my funny music poster. I learned the most this week about making GIFs, I had absolutely no clue how to make them before I’d taken this class, and while it’s probably not something I’ll utilize often, at least I now know how.

Something I would have done differently this year is start on the Are We There Yet? assignment earlier. Even with the 4 days I allowed myself, it didn’t seem to be enough time. I have no questions this week.

This weeks work:

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Designblitz: here

Design Assignments: 1, 2, 3, 4

GIFs: 1, 2